Our signature body massage combines the best of ancient and modern techniques to leave you feeling deeply relaxed, rejuvenated and balanced. Whether you are seeking relief from aching muscles, fatigue or tension, our expert therapists will deliver a tailored treatment to revitalize you.

Custom Indulgence Massage

Designed for you, your massage therapist will customize this results-driven massage based on your body’s individual needs. Tailored to your preferences with varying techniques and pressures, your massage therapist will use a combination of massage techniques such as Deep Tissue, Sports, and Classic Swedish to release tension, relax and soothe sore muscles, inducing a deep state of pain-free relaxation.

60 min, $120
90 min, $175
120 min, $235
Hot Stone Massage

Allow this ancient healing technique, a combination of warm aromatherapy oils, heated Basalt river stones and targeted massage penetrate muscles to soothe aches and pains, relax the body and leave you feeling blissfully rejuvenated.

75 min, $140
90 min, $175
Custom-Blended Aromatherapy Massage

Using the power of plant essences, breathe deep and enjoy this transformative treatment, which integrates organic essential oils into your heavenly massage experience. Whether you choose a relaxing, stimulating or healing blend of oils, breathe deep and allow your massage therapist to transport your senses on a memorable journey.

75 min, $130
90 min, $185
Mother-to-be Massage

As an expecting mother advances in her pregnancy, hormones loosen ligaments, strain nerves, and cause muscle pain. Whether you are just beginning in your maternal journey or nearing the end of your pregnancy, our specially trained massage therapists will address your changing body’s needs. Cocoa butter is applied to promote elasticity and hydration, and for comfort, a support cushion is used to accommodate any stage of pregnancy.

60 min, $120
90 min, $175