Angelina’s Holiday Gift Edit

Angelina's Holiday Gift Edit | Spa Radiance | San Francisco Day Spa

Just in time for the holidays, you can now buy Angelina’s favorites and your go-to products from our new online store! We hope you enjoy Angelina’s top gift choices for this holiday season:


November 2019 Newsletter

November Newsletter | November 2019 | Spa Radiance | San Francisco Day Spa

My Dearest Clients,

We have all had such a rough month with the fires and the power outages–it really gives perspective. If you’re like me, you’re excited to put October behind us and distract ourselves with something fun like taking care of our skin.

Let’s talk November skin! The rain is yet to arrive and the recent fires sucked every bit of moisture from the air. Smoke and pollution have created a free radical army, attacking our beloved pores and collagen. So, what should you do?READ MORE

Secrets of Angelina Umansky

Best Facialist in San FranciscoAngelina Umansky has the face, body, and bouncing-off-the-walls energy of someone far too young to be celebrating 40 years of anything. And yet, last year, Umansky and her mother, fellow Spa Radiance co-founder, Galina Rovner, marked four decades of beautifying San Francisco’s most recognizable faces. “I’m a fourth generation aesthetician,” Umansky says. “I was born into it; it’s in my DNA and I feel so privileged to have worked with so many women and men.”