True Botanicals | NUTRIENT TONER | Clear | 4oz


This ingenious toner not only removes bacteria and infection below the surface, where it initiates, it whisks away the fear of drying out your skin.

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Why We Like It

Eliminates bacteria at the source. Banishes blemishes. Decreases pore size. Diminishes the appearance of wrinkles. Plumps skin. Imparts a moist, dewy look.

How it Works

Formulating a toner that works on aging, acne-prone skin without causing more issues requires very special ingredients that deliver a multitude of bio-active benefits.

Black Willow Bark Extract:

Meet the original salicylic acid, straight from nature herself. Unlike its less expensive, synthetically derived counterpart, it exfoliates skin without irritation or sensitivity. (We love picturing early Egyptians bathing in it to wash away their aches and pains.)

Olive Leaf Extract:

This bacteria-busting extract also provides the anti-inflammatory properties that troubled, blemish-prone skin craves. Anti-oxidant powers give it the added benefit of preventing the free radical damage that causes wrinkles.

Sandalwood Hydrosol:

This powerful antimicrobial is sustainably sourced from 30-plus-year-old Hawaiian sandalwood trees and worth every penny. Besides being rich in astringent and disinfecting properties that fend off acne-causing bacteria, it regenerates skin cells.


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