True Botanicals | EVERYDAY SHEER COVERAGE | Medium Tint | 1oz


The safest sun protection you can put on aging skin, in four sheer, natural looking tints.

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Why We Like It

Full SPF20 uvb-uva protection. Beautiful finish. Even coverage. Medium skin tones, sun tanned and olive skin complexions. Can be layered for depth, contouring, or custom color.

How It Works

Since UVA and UVB are both damaging to aging skin, we use 17.7 % non-nano zinc oxide to protect from both kinds of rays. It not only creates a reflective barrier, itÕs also a calming natural anti-inflammatory that complements a mix of other powerful antioxidants.

Non-Nano Zinc Oxide:

Non-Nano zinc oxide protects against the full UV spectrum, UVA as well as UVB. It works by reflecting UV rays rather than absorbing them. And, itÕs highly stable, unlike most chemical sunscreens, which can generate free radicals that cause skin damage.

Pearl Powder:

This powder contains calcium carbonate and conchiolin, alternating layers of which create a pearlÕs luster. Its light reflective qualities also make it ideal for cosmetic foundations where a lustrous finish is desired. Reflected light makes skin appear brighter, dark circles appear less dark and wrinkles appear shallower.

Oat Beta Glucans:

This polysaccaride known for its ability to penetrate deeply, delivers significant anti-aging benefits because it moisturizes at the deepest layers of the skin.


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