True Botanicals | DEEP REPAIR EYE SERUM | .5oz


This is that super-concentrated serum your delicate eye area has been waiting for.

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Why We Like It

Reduces inflammation. Tightens skin. Heals damage. Increases microcirculation. Tackles puffiness, dark circles, crowÕs feet, fine lines.

How It Works

Rule number one in eye creams: do not sit on the skinÕs surface. To target the issues of aging head on, we select highly absorbent ingredients that can penetrate skin and work at its deepest level where aging is initiated.

Carrot Seed Oil:

This powerhouse of the plant world is prized for its ability to regenerate skin tissues. A natural cold press method allows us to extract the maximum amount of its vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and F, so each drop is dense with anti-oxidants that protect your skin cells from the harsh, cruel world and bring back its tone, elasticity and tightness.

Blackberry Seed Oil:

It is extremely hard to keep Vitamin C stable in a liquid and yet, nature has cracked the code with blackberry seed oil. (Even lab created Vitamin C canÕt compete.) ItÕs also rich in Vitamin E and lutein, so itÕs a superstar at preventing and repairing cell damage.

Tuberose Stem Cells:

This exquisite flower has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine. We combined it with betaine sourced from beetroot to boost the bioavailability of the active molecules. The result? Improved microcirculation for brighter, tighter, firmer skin.


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