True Botanicals | CELLULAR REPAIR SERUM | Calm | 1oz


A deeply regenerative powerhouse that restores even the most inflamed aging skin.

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Why We Like It

Improves barrier function and moisture retention. Reduces irritation and inflammation in sensitive, red, or rosacea-prone skin. Nourishes aging skin. Calms. Restores suppleness. Imparts soft, dewy, smooth skin. Softens wrinkles.

How It Works

This serious treatment penetrates well beneath the surface,
working at the cellular level to soothe inflammation and
restore cell function that has declined over time. It also contains our highest concentration of natureÕs most potent, nourishing, free- radical fighting ingredients.

True Botanicals biofermentTM:

These proprietary peptides from fermented algaes and seaweeds provide the nourishment your skin needs to function at its best. They boost collagen production and inhibit collagen breakdown to strengthen your skin. They inhibit melanin production, decreasing pigmentation and blotchiness. And they encourage cell growth in the epidermis, improving your skinÕs overall appearance.

Hyaluronic Acid:

We vote this powerful polysaccharide ÒMost Likely to SucceedÓ in helping barrier function. It steps in where our own naturally occurring hyaluronic acid leaves off to assist aging cells retain water. It also provides anti-oxidant defense against free radical damage and reduces inflammation.

Calendula and Plantago Extracts:

Inflamed skin adores these two soothing, plant-based, extracts. Long valued by herbalists, theyÕre prized for their emollient properties and ability to heal, cool and calm inflammation.


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