True Botanicals | HYDRATING CLEANSER | Calm | 4oz


A nourishing face cleanser even ultra-sensitive, rosacea prone, or red, aging skin will be happy with.

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Why We Like It

Removes makeup, sunscreen, dead skin cells. Hydrates. Soothes highly sensitive, rosacea prone, red, aging skin.

How It Works

Our Calm formulations are where ancient wisdom and modern science truly make all the difference.

Green Tea and White Tea:

Green and white tea are basically super stars when it comes to benefits. ThatÕs why we use them instead of just water as our base. Besides offering antioxidants and polyphenols with their beloved astringent, toning, skin-soothing, and anti- inflammatory properties, white tea is also a powerful anti-aging agent, inhibiting enzymes that attack collagen and elastase.

Aloe Vera:

Your epidermis adores this moisture-preserving humectant for good reason. The more it can prevent moisture loss, the fewer extra ingredients it needs to help add it back in. Besides preserving the epidermisÕs water content, aloe vera also helps improve the skinÕs natural firmness via antioxidants like beta-carotene, Vitamin C and E.

Avena Oat Extract:

This is what sensitive skin is hungry for. First cultivated in Greece and Rome around 400BC, this potent anti-inflammatory has some major polysaccharides that calm and sooth even the most tender red, flaky, or dry skin.


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