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Well and Good February 2020 | Spa Radiance Day Spa | San Francisco
Well + Good
Some of the best beauty products have notorious scents - here's why.
February 2020
Everyone warned me before I first started using the iconic beauty product Biologique Recherche P50 that it had...a smell. As soon as I swiped the acid toner all over my face, the aroma hit my nose, and I had to remind myself that it’s a holy-grail product for a reason. I kept on slathering and in no time, I too, could see why everyone clamored for it. Now, I associate the smell with a radiant complexion and winding down at nighttime.
Greatest October 2019 | Spa Radiance Day Spa | San Francisco
LED Light Therapy: Is It Worth the Splurge?
October 2019
The first time I tried an LED treatment in my aesthetician's office, I was sure I’d been "Punk'd". During the course of my 20-minute session, I was subjected to a total of zero burning chemicals, painful injections, and/or blinding lasers.
Well and Good August 2019 | Spa Radiance Day Spa | San Francisco
Well + Good
The 4 most common skin-care mistakes that facialists see clients make ALL. THE. TIME.
August 2019
After years of trial and error and dozens of interviews, Rachel Lapidos has rounded up the top four pieces of advice to get your skin glowing. Find out what she learned from our very own Angelina Umansky!
Well and Good May 2019 | Spa Radiance Day Spa | San Francisco
Well + Good
How a Cult Skin-Care Product Launched Beauty’s Buzziest Category. Why *everyone* should use an exfoliating acid toner
May 2019
"I tell my clients to treat acid toners like red wine—one nightly glass is beneficial, more than that and you're doing more harm than good," cautions Angelina Umansky.
Well and Good March 2019 | Spa Radiance Day Spa | San Francisco
Well + Good
You'll love these fermented beauty products as much as your kombucha cocktails
March 2019
"Their main glow-inducing superpower is that they’re way more bioavailable than other skin-care ingredients, due to their molecule size." - Angelina Umansky
A Moment with Spa Radiance | Spa Radiance | San Francisco Day Spa
Live the process
A Moment with Spa Radiance
March 2019
After a long winter, Angelina Umansky wants to help you get your glow back. Live the Process interviews Angelina about her respect for history and her secrets to glowing dewy skin.
Dewy-Looking Skin in the Dead of Winter | Spa Radiance | San Francisco Day Spa
Well + Good
Dewy-Looking Skin in the Dead of Winter
December 2018
"Striving for dewy skin in the winter is like striving for unclogged pores in the summer—it's not easy, but you can do it," says Angelina Umansky, skin-care guru and founder of Spa Radiance. Read Well + Good's interview with Angelina and find out how to glow all winter long! | Spa Radiance | San Francisco Day Spa
December 2018
Taking a moment to slow down is something we all vow to do — but how many of us actually stick with it? Aesthetician Angelina Umansky has a hectic life as an in-demand skin-saver in San Francisco, which makes her quiet moments feel incredibly valuable. Twice-daily meditation sessions are her stay-centered tool.
Heat vs Cold Benefits for Skin | Spa Radiance | San Francisco Day Spa
Well + Good
Heat vs Cold Benefits for Skin
November 2018
Dry skin? Redness? Weirdly, adjusting skin's temperature could help you deal. Read Angelina's interview with Well + Good and learn why "The skin brightens up better when it's cold compared to when it's warm."
South China Morning Post October 2018 | Spa Radiance Day Spa | San Francisco
South China Morning Post
Why hyaluronic acid serums are taking over the beauty industry - and which ones you should try
October 2018
Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the human body. In serum form it helps to combat dryness and plumps the skin. Four beauty experts talk about the cult ingredient
The Body Part That’s Making You Look Older | Spa Radiance | San Francisco Day Spa
The Body Part That’s Making You Look Older
September 2018
It’s one of the first areas to show signs of aging. Her is what you can do about it.
Celebrity Facialists Sound Off on Their Top Tips for Red Carpet-Worthy Skin | Spa Radiance | San Francisco
Harpers Bazaar
Celebrity Facialists Sound Off on Their Top Tips for Red Carpet-Worthy Skin
September 2018
When Harper’s Bazaar called and said they wanted Angelina’s expert advice, obviously she told them that the décolleté is not to be ignored, and that retinol and microcurrents are nonnegotiable.
8 Crazy Effective Anti-Acne Products that Skin-Care Pros Swear By | Well & Good | Spa Radiance
Well + Good
8 Crazy Effective Anti-Acne Products that Skin-Care Pros Swear By
September 2018
We are so thrilled that one of our favorite beauty editors, Rachel Lapidos from Well + Good, featured Angelina’s favorite product for acne in a recent feature “This is How You Should Actually Spot Treat Breakouts, According to the Pros.” Spoiler alert: It’s P50. Obviously.
Sugar-Pop Biologique Recherché Slimming Algae Treatment | San Francisco
Pop Sugar Fitness
Biologique Recherché Slimming Algae Treatment
June 2018
Spa Radiance's Biologique Recherché Slimming Algae Treatment Featured in Pop Sugar Fitness
Vacation Idea May 2018 | Spa Radiance Day Spa | San Francisco
Vacation Idea
25 Best Things to Do in San Francisco
May 2018
Spa Radiance has been helping San Franciscans stay young and beautiful for the last 40 years. Founded by mother-daughter team Galina Rovner and Angelina Umansky, Spa Radiance is a day spa with a relaxing space and minimalist décor located in San Francisco's up-and-coming Cow Hollow district.
C (California Style) Magazine chose the Spa Radiance Dermaplaning Plus Facial | Spa Radiance | San Francisco
California Style Magazine
Dermaplaning Plus Facial as standout treatment
May 2018
C (California Style) Magazine chose the Spa Radiance Dermaplaning Plus Facial among "standout treatments spanning brand experiences to new high-tech methods."
The Definitive Guide to In-Flight skincare | Spa Radiance | San Francisco
Conde Nast Traveler
The Definitive Guide to In-Flight skincare
April 2018
Why does your skin feel so gross after a long flight? To exfoliate, or not to exfoliate? Is in-flight sheet masking acceptable? How do you go straight from an airplane to a meeting and look somewhat alive? We've got answers. Here, 14 facialists, dermatologists, and beauty professionals share their tips for how to take care of your skin on long-haul flights.
I Replaced Retinoids With These Nontoxic Alternatives | Spa Radiance San Francisco
MBG Lifestyle
I Replaced Retinoids With These Nontoxic Alternatives—And I Love The Results
April 2018
Pregnancy these days has a steep learning curve with so many do's and don'ts. So when I found out we were expecting last August (due in May with a baby girl!), I, of course, turned to my network of veteran moms for advice on how to traverse this new path...Now for me, moving through the next two years (nine months of pregnancy and a year or so of breastfeeding) without the gold standard in beauty-retinoids-was a slightly uncomfortable thought as I anticipated the wear and tear to come from sleepless nights. I became curious about alternatives. So I asked New York City board-certified dermatologist Dr. Estee Williams and in-demand celebrity esthetician and co-founder of Spa Radiance Angelina Umansky for the best retinoid alternatives for combating acne, pigmentation, and signs of aging. Read on for the ingredient alternatives they recommended.
Well + Good
This reparative beauty ingredient is all the rage in french pharmacies right now
March 2018
When a skin-care item starts flying off the shelves in French pharmacies, you know it's only a matter of time before it reaches cult status here, too. The upcoming star ingredient set to reach this status? Propolis. Propolis is the resin that bees create out of trees, flowers, and wax, which they carry back to their hives to seal it and keep it sterile. "It's full of bioflavanoids, it's antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory," says Angelina Umansky, the facialist and skin-care guru behind San Francisco's Spa Radiance. "Bees bring it into their hives so they don't get diseases."
This Celebrity Aesthetician Shares Her Secrets For Repairing Crepey Skin, Neck Lines, Pigment And More | Angelina Umansky | Spa Radiance March 2018
Bond En Avant
This Celebrity Aesthetician Shares Her Secrets For Repairing Crepey Skin, Neck Lines, Pigment And More
March 2018
Coming from a long line of aestheticians (mother, grandmother and great-grandmother), it's no surprise Angelina Umansky, co-founder of Spa Radiance in San Francisco, is one of the most sought after skin specialists in the country with a clientele that reads like Vanity Fair's who's who (we're talking - the Gettys and Michelle Pfeiffer #needisaymore). I sat down with Angelina to get answers to my burning skin care questions – How do I get rid of my neck bands? What can be done about crepey skin? Is the cult favorite, Biologique Recherche a nontoxic line and if so, which products do...
DuJour | A Celebrity Facialist Talks Hangover Face, Balance, and Products | Spa Radiance San Francisco
A Celebrity Facialist Talks Hangover Face, Balance, and Products
February 2018
The fabled aesthetician to Michelle Pfeiffer and the Gettys has reveals her ways-and one of her favorite DIY masksA fourth-generation aesthetician, Umansky achieves red carpet results thanks to a blend of high-powered chemical treatments and homeopathic mask recipes, a trick that's been passed down from her Russian grandmother. "In Russia, you couldn't get anything," she says. "There wasn't a choice, you had to do it yourself." Homemade treatments were the only option. And the result? All-natural, DIY masks that promise and achieve visibly rested skin.
Well Insiders January 2018 | Spa Radiance Day Spa | San Francisco
well insiders
The Two-Ingredient DIY Face Mask Estheticians Use to Brighten and Depuff Skin
January 2018
Jessica Morse's Bare Beauty was born out of pure frustration. After adopting an organic diet and completing a kitchen detox in 2012, Jessica realized that the bathroom shelves also needed a purge. After transitioning to cleaner, greener beauty, she launched her site and now shares her insights on skin and body-care, makeup and sunscreen. She's always got glowing skin, so we asked her to share her favorite DIY face mask with us. Here's what she said.
Bare Beauty | Skincare Recipes From a Famous Facialist | Spa Radiance San Francisco
Bare Beauty
Skincare Recipes From a Famous Facialist
January 2018
The Spa Radiance story starts in mid-century Moscow where Angelina's Grandma Rose, an herbalist and healer taught her daughter and granddaughter (Angelina) the importance of holistic health as a cornerstone for the old-world skincare and beauty techniques in their lineage. Angelina's personalized treatments address everything from acne and aging to rosacea and sun damage. After assessing each client's individual skin needs, she then uses the most advanced technologies on the market including NASA developed LED light therapy and Biologique Recherché microcurrent, combining them with time honored techniques like lymphatic facial massage, acupressure extractions, and "sweating the pores" which give the face definition and a visible lift. When I heard she had a DIY cure for "hangover face", I quickly typed up a few questions and sent them her way, as I have this condition the morning after drinking only two glasses of wine:
January 2018 Nob Hill Gazette | Secrets Of Angelina Umansky at Spa Radiance.
Nob Hill Gazette
Secrets of Angelina Umansky
January 2018
Keep it simple. People often think they need crazy or complicated routines and treatments to change their skin, but it's the reverse; honor the skin and give it love and start using good products every day. It’s a myth it always has to be something like a deep laser treatment that takes two weeks to heal; there’s space for that, but you don’t always need to do it.
CR Fasion Book | A Practical Guide for Preparing Your Body for a Baby | Spa Radiance San Francisco
CR Fashion Book
Expert Live Hacks for Hopeful Moms-To-Be
January 2018
Most chemical detoxes include a do-over of bathroom beauty cabinets and laundry detergent, in addition to food. Some standout ingredients on the pre-baby naughty list in particular: parabens, mineral oil, lead-containing lipsticks, and hydroquinone, which is illegal in Europe. "We still don't know the long term effects of Retin-A and fillers either," cautions Angelina Umansky, founder of San Francisco clean beauty emporium, Spa Radiance, "so I'd advise everyone to steer clear until both have been appropriately researched." Among her 'safe' recommendations, you'll find cult-serum Vintner's Daughter and anything by True Botanicals, Patyka, and Marie Veronique.
Well & Good | How to Know if You’re Exfoliating Too Much | Spa Radiance San Francisco
Well + Good
How to Know if You’re Exfoliating "Too" Much
December 2017
Typically when a breakout happens on the chin, hormones are the culprit, but other factors could be at play too, including diet and even some skin-care products. Considering I've been diligently avoiding dairy for a year now, that I follow a well thought-out skin care regimen, and I'm on birth control, I was stumped. Then, Angelina Umansky, a facialist and skin-care guru at Spa Radiance enlightened me. I was causing the problem by over-exfoliating. "This is something that I'm seeing more and more in recent years," she tells me after treating my inflamed face. "The challenge for many of my clients is that they don't realize they're using multiple products with exfoliating agents."
ATELIER DORE | Under the Surface | Spa Radiance San Francisco
Under the Surface
December 2017
Right now essential oils are getting a lot of negative attention. When used right they can be very effective in skincare. Alcohol is another ingredient that can send my clients into a panic. It's a perfect example of how you need to take the rest of the ingredient deck into consideration. If you see alcohol as a first ingredient then yes, it could have drying effects. But if you see it further down the deck it's usually used to thin a product that would be too thick to apply – it has no effect on the skin. Also, cetyl, stearyl, and cetearyl alcohol are fatty alcohols that are good for the skin that are often given a bad wrap.
December 2017 Haute Living | The Cool Mom: A “Super Duper” facial at Spa Radiance.
Haute Living
The Shopkeep Gift Guide With Jay Jeffers & Michael Purdy
December 2017
The Cool Mom: A Super Duper facial ($219) with local skincare guru Angelina Umansky, owner of Spa Radiance. Angelina has been keeping our skin in tip top shape for years. An appointment with her is tough to come by, but if you get in she will not only pamper you to no end, you will leave with a glowing complexion and also an invaluable education about your skin and how to take the best care of it at home.
Well & Good | Spot Treating Skin Areas Chin Acne | Spa Radiance San Francisco
Well & Good
This is how you should actually spot treat breakouts, according to pros
November 2017
It wasn't until I received a (dreamy) facial treatment from celebrity aesthetician Angelina Umansky of Spa Radiance: You should treat your problem areas differently than the skin on the rest of your face. So, according to Umansky, my chin is a whole other frontier from the rest of my complexion.
Forbes November 2017 - Demonizing Of Essential Oils
The Demonizing Of Essential Oils: How A Skincare Launch Started A Witch Hunt Against Natural Beauty
November 2017
Angelina Umansky, a fourth-generation facialist and skincare specialist who owns San Francisco's Spa Radiance, is unique in that her spa refuses to take sides when it comes to the natural vs. synthetic argument. "Every client's skin is different," Umansky said. "Why would I limit myself and my estheticians to just one toolbox when they can have all of the best tools?" Umansky went on to explain that both brands and clients have expressed surprise that cosmeceutical brands like Biologique Recherche, Valmont, and Skinceuticals share shelf space with natural brands like Vintner's Daughter, Patyka, and Marie Veronique. "I get that many of my clients feel strongly one way or the other [when it comes to naturals vs. synthetics] but that’s not my concern. My concern is the health of their skin - I'm going to suggest the best regimen whether it be all-natural, all-synthetic or a mix of both. I rep the client not the brand."
Brit+Co October 2017
5 Common Mistakes You’re Making When Dealing With a Breakout
October 2017
When one pesky pimple turns into a full-fledged breakout, it’s easy to want to take matters into your own hands — literally. From oh-so-satisfying (but damaging!) pimple popping to over-exfoliating the troubled area, chances are your efforts might be causing more harm than good. Read on to learn about five common mistakes to avoid when a dreaded bump shows up.
CBS News New York | Spring Break For Grown Ups: Top 5 Destinations
CBS News
Spring Break For Grown Ups: Top 5 Destinations
March 2017
If some of the world’s best food isn’t enough to convince grownups to visit this spring, they shouldn’t forget the prospects of visiting such world renowned attractions as the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island in addition to illustrious museums like the de Young, SFMOMA and the Legion of Honor or perhaps reward themselves with a soothing spa treatment inside acclaimed boutiques like Spa Radiance. As an added incentive to visit the City by the Bay, the world famous wineries in the Napa and Sonoma counties are just an hour’s drive away...
Lonny | Spa Radiance
Time To Unwind - Spa Radiance
February 2017
Okay, booking a luxe spa treatment is kind of a V-day no-brainer. But, if there's one person who needs a little R&R it's YOU. Spa Radiance's "Love Yourself" treatments are two back to back offerings (a super-duper facial and red rose body treatment) that will leave you feeling on top of the world and ready to spread the love.
The Culture Trip | Spa Radiance
The Culture Trip
The Most Extravagant Things To Do In San Francisco - Spa Radiance
February 2017
Spa Radiance offers one of San Francisco’s most expensive facials, coming in at $750 for a three-hour treatment, including a diamond peel. If you are looking for even more, Spa Radiance offers packages that include multiple treatments.
Haute Living | Spa Radiance
Haute Living
Beauty - Spa Radiance
January 2017
For the past 41 years, Spa Radiance has provided the women of San Francisco a soothing escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life. The cosmetic-and-medical spa was founded by mother and daughter duo, Galina Rovner and Angelina Umansky, who are known for their unparalleled skincare expertise. They honed their unique technique in Russia and founded the spa on European basics combined with the most up-to-date treatments. Over the past four decades, Spa Radiance has developed a huge following of local loyalists.
Vogue | Spa Radiance
Beauty - Spa Radiance
April 2016
Angelina Umansky at Spa Radiance. Russian-born esthetician and spa owner Angelina Umansky is the go-to for "Pacific Heights ladies who go to events three times a week," as she puts it. Her Quadruple Lift Facial uses lymphatic massage, Biologique Recherche masks and serums, microcurrents, and a deep-muscle massage technique Umansky learned from her great-grandmother. The Lift Body Treatment—which also uses full-body lymphatic drainage and seaweed to instantly firm and lift—takes off inches in just one session. 3011 Fillmore Street;
San Francisco Chronicle | Spa Radiance
SF Chronicle
Personal Bod Squad - Spa Radiance
April 2016
Angelina Umansky, fourth-generation aesthetician and owner of Spa Radiance, is known for being the best skin problem solver in the Bay Area. $125 and up. Spa Radiance, 3011 Fillmore St. or (415) 346-6281.

Red Rose Treatment at Spa Radiance. This decadent treatment includes a rose-infused body polish, steam tent session (read: no claustrophobic wraps) and 60-minute rose oil massage. Spa Radiance, 3011 Fillmore St. or (415) 346-6281.
Skin problem solver - Put your best Face forward
San Francisco Chronicle
Style - Spa Radiance
September 2015
Think of Angelina Umansky at Spa Radiance as the Olivia Pope of facialists. Adult acne? Hyperpigmentation? Rosacea? She’s got you covered. Between the day spa and attached medi-spa, Umansky offers everything from organic and oxygen facials to Platelet Rich Plasma Micro-needling (a.k.a. the Vampire Facial), and photo facials. Regardless of what type you get, you will be tucked into a soft, cloud-like treatment bed. We recommend the Super Duper Facial, which includes a custom peel, Diamond Dermabrasion, custom mask and oxygen blast. 75 minutes, $205.
Dermascope March 2015
Spa Highlights - Spa Radiance
March 2015
The signature treatment featured at Spa Radiance is the Super Duper Facial. This advanced treatment ventures beyond traditional cleansing, exfoliating, and toning and gets deep under the surface of the skin to leave clients feeling smooth, hydrated, and revitalized. First, the skin care professional creates a custom-blended skin peel, based on the client’s complexion, to rid the surface of impurities. Then, a diamond microdermabrasion refines and rejuvenates the skin to prepare for extractions. Lastly, a customized calming mask is applied while the client is treated with medical-grade oxygen to nourish the skin. 75 minutes; $205
Town & Country
6 Beauty Secrets of San Francisco
February 2015
Fourth-generation Russian medical aesthetician Angelina Umansky is known for facials that marry classic techniques with the latest dermatological wizardry. At Cow Hollow’s Spa Radiance , she treats clients who include Michelle Pfeiffer and Vanessa Getty with highly active serums from local Mill Valley organic skincare line Pacific by True Nature Botanicals – the same formulas she credits with changing her own skin. The spa offers a facial designed around the line, using products rich in essential fatty acids that target a range of skin issues, from acne to wrinkles.
Interiors & Sources November-2014
Interiors & Sources
California Clean Meets Parisian Chic
November 2014
When the classic Parisian apartment—chalky white walls and rustic, French oak flooring—came up during a dinner conversation one night, Jay Jeffers, owner of Jeffers Design Group, knew he had the latest inspiration for a redesign project.The rest is history for his third collaboration with Angelina Umansky and one of San Francisco's top spas, Spa Radiance. Completed in early 2014 over a six-month span, Spa Radiance's Cow Hollow spa was slated for an expansion and refresh. Jeffers had already conceptualized the spa's first location and subsequent refreshes."The new design still represents Angelina's focus, which is the best, most innovative wellness and skin treatments," Jeffers said. "Now, it is done with an updated, chic, and clean feel." more »
Allure Magazine
Best of Beauty
October 2014
Spa Radiance Facial; Soft plump skin comes from the detoxifying, exfoliating and hydrating treatments.
Organic Spa May 2014
Organic Spa
Smart Urban Spas
May 2014
Spa Radiance might be right smack in the middle of San Francisco’s Cow Hollow neighborhood, but it’s hard to tell, with a recently revamped façade evocative of an elegant atelier in Paris. Designed by local interior decorator Jay Jeffers, the 38-year-old day spa is appointed with French Oak floors, an upholstered reception desk, and oversized artwork plucked from a nearby gallery. But, here, the products and service are also designed to match.

Seasoned spa-goers can peruse a well-edited apothecary area with organic product lines including Eminence, Luzern, and Marie Veronique Organics, or choose from farm-to-spa treatments such as the newly launched Berry Beautiful facial, loaded with age-defying and anti-inflammatory ingredients: fresh blueberries culled from a local farm, shea butter and evening primrose oil.
California Magazine March 2014
California Magazine
Perfect Pairing: Spa Radiance + Jay Jeffers
March 2014
For more than a decade, San Francisco’s Cow Hollow–based hideaway Spa Radiance has lured locals and starlets including Michelle Pfeiffer, Rosario Dawson, and Sharon Stone. Conceived by Moscow–born Angelina Umansky and her mother, Galina Rovner, the spa is known for innovative offerings from body treatments utilizing rose-infused clay for intense hydration and detoxification to a new line of plant-derived and seaweed-based serums and cleansers by Mill Valley’s Marie Veronique Organics used in a facial created exclusively for the spa. more »
Refinery 29 February 2014 Bed of Roses
Bed of Roses Treatment
February 2014
Spa Radiance Spread The Love Treatment; As a princess in your own right, you deserve to lay in a bed of roses at least once in your life. Spa Radiance wants to melt away that winter chill, with a litile bit of spoiling and pampering to warm your heart once again. With a luxe two-hour session, you will leave a whole new person! Close your eyes and conjure up visions of candles, chocolates from local Recchiuti, a rose-infused body scrub, topped off with some mud paint, and finally — the divine steam tent. Yep, that's the doozy of a glorious experience awaiting you — oh, and did we forget a full body massage?! Put us down for two!
allure February 2014
allure Magazine
Best Facials in SF
February 2014
Three generations of Umanskys, including the current owner, Angelina, have devoted their lives to tending skin. Rose's Secret Organic Facial is made from Grandma Umansky's recipe—the ingredients hand-grown by a 75-year-old herbalist in Hungary. Impressed? So is Sharon Stone.
Allure January 2014
allure Magazine
Grand Luxe Facial at Spa Radiance
January 2014
Umansky imports certified organic Luzern oxygen and serums from Switzerland, along with products from Biologique Recherche, Eminence Organic and Rhonda Allison. In addition to microdermabrasion and microcurrent devices, she uses the LightWave, a light-therapy machine that helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, stretch marks, and acne scars by stimulating cell renewal in damaged tissue. more »
Refinery29 December 2013
10 S.F. Spots for Getting Glam This Holiday Season
December 2013
For Brows: Spa Radiance
We all know the importance of well-shaped brows in framing your face and making those peepers pop. A good set of brows serves as the backbone, or shall we say brow bone, of your entire look. Whether yours are unruly and in need of taming, or over-tweezed and desperate for an interven-tion, our go-to brow gal is here to save the day. Marisa "Riss" Perel, the resident brow specialist and makeup artist at S.F.’s Spa Radiance has never met a set of brows she didn’t like (at least once she was finished with them!). A true artist, Riss takes the time to evaluate each client’s specific needs and tailors her brow-shaping services accordingly. Be sure to follow up your appointment with one of her stunning makeup applications to complete your holiday transformation. more »
Where December 2013
Where Traveler Magazine
Glowing Transformation
December 2013
One of San Francisco's most high-profile retreats since 1975, Spa Radiance unveiled a glistening revamp last month. Housed in a converted Victorian at the convergence of two of the city's most desirable shopping streets, Fillmore and Union, the spa interior maintains its charming period details but has a decidedly chic new look, outfitted in fresh shades of aqua and contemporary fixtures. The ambiance is all plush relaxation, but the results-oriented treatments and well-qualified team (including two doctors, a nurse practitioner and three registered nurses) have garnered celebrity clientele over the years. The latest offering, a high-tech facial dubbed the Instant Natural Facelift, harnesses the power of LED lights and ultrasound waves more »
Marina Times December 2013
Marina Times
Even Spas Get Spa Treatments
December 2013
Spa Radiance is touting its makeover 16 years after arriving in the Marina. "It was scary, because we had become such a skincare staple in downtown and the Marina was still an up-and-coming neighborhood, but it’s been great," says Angelina Umansky, Spa Radiance's co-owner with her mother, Galina Rovner. They tapped Jay Jeffers Design Group to head up a major renovation of its 3,500 square foot Victorian at 3011 Fillmore Street, just steps from Union Street.
"Every year, I travel to France to train with best-in-class estheticians in these beautiful, distinctively classic Parisian buildings that have been quietly coaxed into the 21st century," adds Umansky. "I loved that they maintained the original, intricate crown molding, but subtly painted over it, creating a seamless look. That's the kind of soothing space I wanted to replicate for my clients." more »
Les Nouvelle October 2013
Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Spa
Home to the First Lady of Facials
October 2013
After relaxing in the spa's plush recection area, guests are quietly ushered into a treatment room to begin the indulgent three-hour facial. Following a deep pore cleansing and enzyme exfoliation, clear, odorless extracts of caviar are applied to the face. "The caviar is rich in healing minerals and vitamins A, D and B complex," says Skundrich. "So not only is the facial indulgent, but caviar is actually a very effective natural moisturizer." more »
San Francisco Chronicle October 2013
San Francisco Chronicle
Celebrate Halloween in high style
October 2013
Fillmore Street day spa Spa Radiance celebrates a reopening on its 37th anniversary with a party starting at 11 a.m. and featuring skin analysis and visits from skincare experts from Eminence and SkinCeuticals, with a 10 percent off sale all day and a free gift with any purchase. As proceeds benefit Rocket Dog Rescue, there will also be pups. And sweet snacks.
Refinery29 October 2013
What To Do This Halloween & Beyond
October 2013
Spa Radiance Celebrates Grand Opening & 37th Anniversary This question may be a rhetorical, but who here is in need of a little spa day? We certainly have both hands raised, and we bet you do, too. In the nick of time, Spa Radiance has re-opened its doors and is welcoming you in for some seriously relaxing perks. Friends over at Kara's Cupcakes and Pressed Juicery will be on site to share tasty treats, while skin experts Eminence and SkinCeuticals get your glow prepped for winter! A proceed of the day's sales will go straight to Rocket Dog (be on the lookout for some seriously cute pups at this weekend shindig).
Daily Candy June 2013
Daily Candy
Turn Up the Heat with Seasonal Beauty Treatments
June 2013
Smooth Things Over Detox is usually synonymous with buzzkill. Erase unpleasant associations with Spa Radiance's Mineral Detox Boost. The 90-minute treatment includes a Hawaiian pink salt scrub (to replenish) and local, organic honey massage (to detoxify and exfoliate). After a steam and shower, lie back for an hour-long coconut oil rubdown.