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Peptide Boost Facial

Achieve accelerated results with powerful peptides and Topical Light Infusion, a scientific breakthrough that uses wavelengths and pulses of light to cause transdermal penetration of serums and masks. This innovative light therapy delivers active ingredients 50 times deeper into the skin to address fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, and scars. This powerful facial includes a thorough cleanse, enzymes, and an application of a customized blend of powerful peptides to be pushed into the deepest layers of your skin. You will leave with plumped, hydrated glowing skin.

75 min, $250
* Services with our Senior Estheticians are 10-30% more than the listed price.


Diamond Dermabrasion Hand Treatment

Often the hands reflect the first signs of aging. Add this powerful hand anti-aging treatment to your facial to treat your hands to a Diamond Dermabrasion session and anti-aging cream massage.

In-treatment service, $107
Foot and Leg Massage

Enjoy an invigorating yet relaxing leg and foot massage during your facial. Perfect for increasing circulation and blood flow, this therapeutic massage will lull you into a state of bliss while your mask is activating or under LED lights.

In-treatment service
30 min, $80
60 min, $160
Lifting and Draining Facial Massage

Utilizing our exclusive lifting and lymph drainage massage technique, this powerful massage gives face definition and a visible lift.

In-treatment service, $75