Pacific Express Facial | Spa Radiance Day Spa

Pacific Express Facial

Give yourself a 30-minute escape with this luxurious facial that uses all True Botanicals Pacific products – a luxurious line of non-toxic active products that smell and feel as good as they work. In this nourishing facial, your skin will be thoroughly cleansed with a two-step oil and cleanser process. Your esthetician will then perform a gentle manual exfoliation followed by Pacific’s Exfoliating Moisture Mask – a beauty editor favorite! Your face will also be treated to eye serum, lip treatment, and nourishing serums, leaving you with nourished, glowing skin.

30 min, $125


Diamond Dermabrasion Hand Treatment

Often the hands reflect the first signs of aging. Add this powerful hand anti-aging treatment to your facial to treat your hands to a Diamond Dermabrasion session and anti-aging cream massage.

In-treatment service, $100
Foot and Leg Massage

Enjoy an invigorating yet relaxing leg and foot massage during your facial. Perfect for increasing circulation and blood flow, this therapeutic massage will lull you into a state of bliss while your mask is activating or under LED lights.

In-treatment service
30 min, $65
60 min, $120
Lifting and Draining Facial Massage

Utilizing our exclusive lifting and lymph drainage massage technique, this powerful massage gives face definition and a visible lift.

In-treatment service, $70