Angelina’s Skin Resolutions for 2018


After a holiday season full of too much of everything – late nights, rich foods, and cocktails – your skin is more than ready to say goodbye to 2017. Start your year off right by cleaning up your skincare routine and following Spa Radiance co-founder and owner Angelina Umansky’s skin resolutions below:

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I will never go to sleep without washing my face.I’m always shocked by how many of our clients spend good money on treatments and products, yet they don’t make washing their faces at night a priority. Even if you don’t wear makeup, studies have shown that city pollution can be just as damaging as UV rays. Get that grime off your face with a gentle yet effective cleanser like Rhonda Allison’s Milk Plus Cleanser. Need an extra deep cleaning? Book our bestselling Super Duper Facial to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate your winter-ravaged skin.


I will never go to sleep without applying a retinol or retinoid.

Washing your face at night is just the first step. While you are sleeping your skin cells are busy little bees healing and regenerating quicker than in waking hours. Apply active serums and creams at night that contain retinol, one of the only proven anti-agers. Retinol can make a huge difference in wrinkles, fine lines, oily skin, and breakouts. Also, don’t use your sensitive skin as an excuse for skipping retinol. We carry an amazing gentle retinol from True Nature Botanicals Pacific line that works on the most reactive of skin. Tip: add a capsule of True Nature Botanicals’ Topical Vitamin C to your retinol to give it an extra anti-aging and brightening boost.


I will always wear sunscreen.

I love to think this is a given because wearing sunscreen is SO important to preventing future damage, but unfortunately many of our clients still make excuses for why they don’t wear sunscreen every day. Let me be clear…you must wear sunscreen every day, even on cloudy days. Try a multi-tasking sunscreen like Revision Skincare Intellishade that combines potent ingredients like anti-aging peptides and soothing aloe with a tinted mineral sunscreen that adapts to your skin tone.


I will not let the dry heat blaring from the vents dry out my face this winter.

As a fourth generation Russian esthetician, you can imagine I know a thing or two about treating winter skin. In the colder months, your skin needs a big boost of hydration so make sure you replace your usual moisturizer with a nourishing oil like Vintner’s Daughter. You should also incorporate a potent eye and lip serum into your winter regimen like Rhonda Allison Eye & Lip Renew, which has anti-aging powerhouse ingredients like retinol and vitamin c. Also, treat your skin to a revitalizing and hydrating mask 1-2 times weekly like the Biologique Crème Masque Vernix. This repairing mask uses a mix of fatty emollients that simulates the protective waxy coating on a newborn baby. Does it feel like no matter what you do, your skin is always parched? Book our Swiss Oxygen 52 Vitamin Facial for plumped, hydrated, dewy skin.


I will stop complaining about my sagging skin and do something about it.

Nobody likes looking in the mirror and seeing sagging jowls and disappearing cheekbones. Luckily there are wondrous inventions like micro currents that can help give our faces a much-needed lift. Think of micro currents as Pilates for your face – the only way to get results is to do it religiously. Step 1: Book a series of Spa Radiance Non-Surgical French Face-Lift Facials. Step 2: In between appointments, use the NuFace Facial Toning Device 5-7 times a week for lasting results.


We know how hard it is to embrace change (even in your skincare!) so please call or visit Spa Radiance soon to discuss your skincare regimen with one of our experienced estheticians or product consultants.


Happy New Year!


Best Wishes,